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Transcripts from the trial

November 5, 2011

The following are reproductions of official (uncorrected) trial transcripts of testimony of the principal witnesses in the trial of Raphael Golb, preceded by the Grand Jury testimony of Prof. Lawrence Schiffman. The files are all in pdf format.

Grand Jury minutes:

Grand Jury testimony of Lawrence Schiffman

The trial:

Opening Statements and Beginning of Direct Examination of Lawrence Schiffman

Remainder of Direct Examination of Lawrence Schiffman

Lawrence Schiffman: cross-examination, part 1

Lawrence Schiffman: cross-examination, part 2

Lawrence Schiffman: cross-examination, part 3

Dean Emerita Catherine Stimpson

Dr. Susan Braunstein

Professor Richard Foley (Former Dean)

Cross-Examination of Patrick McKenna (arresting officer)

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel and Dr. Stephen Goranson

Direct Examination of Robert Cargill

Cross-examination of Robert Cargill

Raphael Golb: direct examination

Raphael Golb: cross-examination, part 1

Raphael Golb: cross-examination, part 2

Defense summation

Prosecution summation

Judge’s instructions to the jury

  1. You ask:

    “Can an Internet blogger, consistent with the Constitutions of New York and of the United States, be arrested and prosecuted for criticizing, in pseudonymous postings, the conduct of the creators of a museum exhibit, and for lampooning a well-known academic figure in a satirical email hoax?”

    And the answer is no,

    But these are not the actions Raphael Golb was prosecuted for. Mr. Golb created accounts representing himself has other individuals; he stole their identities to enrich his father, so more books and lecture appearances could be sold.

    And that is criminal behavior, hence the trial judge’s comments.

    • That’s an interesting perception, Mr. Wilson, which shows your keen understanding of the nature of first-person satire. See some further discussion of this issue on the website of former prosecutor Scott Greenfield.

      This might also be an opportune moment to remind readers that the single count based on the claim that Golb intended to make money for himself or for another was vacated as based on “speculation.”

      The law, it would appear, requires more than speculation; it requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt, particularly in view of Golb’s statements, in personal email correspondence at the time of his alleged crimes, that he intended to “expose” the misconduct of others, to “inform people of the truth,” and to prompt debate concerning a situation that “egregiously misinforms the public.”

  2. Brit expat in france permalink

    I got here from a link posted on Guardian about US military plan to use pseudonyms to infiltrate blogs on terrorism.

    So I was pleased to learn of Professor Golb’s work on the dead sea scrolls. I did know there were controversies from the beginning and like most, I thought it was Essenes as I’ve seen TV docs giving details about it all.

    I even bought into the Edgar Cayce ‘s ‘version’ of Jesus the Essene, years ago.. 🙂

    I really know virtually nothing about these scrolls or the Nag Hammadi ones, but I once noted on a forum that there was no mention of Jesus even if some had been written after his supposed birth date.

    Reading some of the material about the trial, I don’t know if Raphael actually got sentenced or not. I don’t think there was a case, but I also think that he shouldn’t have taken on all the pseudonyms or written that email.

    Lawrence Shiffman has very spurious arguments, that seems obvious.

    All the best

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